Steven Hill on online labour platforms

22. September 2017
Name: Steven Hill
Position: Independent journalist, author & consultant
Thema: Online labour platforms

Online labour platforms change the way people compete for jobs. All of a sudden, you have to compete with people from all around the world, explains Steven Hill, independent journalist and author of “Die Start-up Illusion”. Someone on the Phillipines might take a lot less money for the same job than somebody from Germany or the US. Outsourcing becomes a lot easier. It is important to track this way of work to design policies that protect the workers and the work they do.

These platforms bear advantages for many but can also have downsides, depending on who you are. Governments may also miss out on taxes, when work crosses statelines and incomes are not reported. We need to consider these changes in work and come up with systems that prevent the undermining of welfare states.

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