Prof. Shafi Goldwasser on scientific concepts for solving current challenges

14. Mai 2018
Name: Shafi Goldwasser
Position: RSA Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
Thema: The importance of understanding abstract scientific concepts for solving current challenges

“Solutions to privacy and security come from understanding mathematics and theoretical Computer Sciences which are implemented in technology”

Mrs. Shafi Goldwasser, RSA Professor for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the MIT, emphasizes the potential of the ScienceMatch as a means of leading an open discourse about new insights in research. According to Mrs. Goldwasser, it is very important for young people to realize that the solutions to logical and societal challenges can only be understood on the basis of a good knowledge of the abstract scientific concepts. Furthermore, Mrs Goldwasser elaborates on some of the current key questions in her fields of research, such as the challenge of “program obfuscation” in cryptography, and the usage of complexity theory to find problems which are “hard” on average.

Especially due to the high level of abstraction of the research conducted by Mrs Goldwasser, disruptive ideas such as the “zero-knowledge” proof can take decades until they are transformed into technology.

Finally, Goldwasser states that the implementation of new insights of e.g. cryptographic research to a modern design of legislation, in order to protect the privacy of the citizen, is only dependent on the respective government. Therefore, the actual interest of a government and public institutions in privacy are key to the implementation of the latter in governmental, business and public processes.



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