Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn about the Combination of Biology and Technology

17. Oktober 2017
Name: Elizabeth Blackburn
Position: Molecular Biologist, President of Salk Institute and Nobel Prize Winner
Thema: The Combination of Biology and Technology

Will biology change computational methods?

Nobel Prize-winning molecular biologist Elizabeth Blackburn believes it will, because the way the brain works is more and more understood and aspects like facial and visual recognition could be inspirational to computaional systems. In contrast to the more static entity of a machine, brains are able to adapt to change. According to the president of the renowned Salk Institute for Biological Studies the ability to teach machines to change their physical appearance would lead to their capabilities reaching new heights.

Combining technology and biology also gives us great insights into the way we age and the current state of a population, which linked to precision medicine can improve the predictive power about a lifespan drastically, explains Blackburn. She predicts that in the future biology and technology will merge more and more and will bear stunning results.