Pieter van Schalkwyk (XMPro) on gaining actions out of IoT

14. Januar 2017
Name: Pieter van Schalkwyk
Position: CEO at XMPro
Thema: XMPro

Everybody wants to use IoT to gather data and improve decision processes.
But how is a decision for a specific action gained out of the data source systems?

XMPro offers an agile IoT suite to help companies with using IoT installments to collect data and analyze it.
Their product provides a “software solution that forms the glue between analytics, IoT data sources and the actions you get out of the analysis.”, states Peter van Schalwyk, CEO at XMPro.

With XMPros’s platform, a large amount of data sources, like solar panels in a solar farm, can be easily connected and analyzed.  For this to work, they are combined with predictive analytic suites like SAP HANA predictive analytics.
The user gets an easy-to-understand, visual way to set up data sources and data streams from the sources to the applications.
It is then possible, to create work orders without any other human interaction.

XMPRo also offers help with setting up the installments and further integration work of their platform.
The Data Sources used for the platform come from multiple data players and IoT setups, in additon of usage of large corporate platform suites.

There are a lot of things happening at XMPro and they’ve got big plans for the future to consider augmented reality and likewise in their products.
As Peter van Schalwyk puts it:
“IoT is really in its infancy, it’s almost a canvas at the moment for new innovation, and we got a road map that spans that whole opportunity.”

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