Ph.D. Yoshiyuki Sankai on possibilities of robotics for society

25. März 2017
Name: Ph.D. Yoshiyuki Sankai
Position: President & CEO Cyberdyne
Thema: The possibilities of robotics for society

Which possibilities do robots offer to help the society in the future?
Ph.D. Yoshiyuki Sankai, President & CEO Cyberdyne, told us about the visions of his company and how their robots can help disabled, injured or aging people.

Cyberdyne’s robots focus on supporting the human body movements like walking and may be controlled via brain activity. There are many use cases, e.g. in the therapy of people that got injured by falling off a horse.

Sankai believes in the fusion of robots and humans, without implanting technology in humans, but by supporting the human body via connecting it to external robotics.

Especially with the Society 5.0 project in Japan, Cyberdyne’s robots will play a big role in the future of an aging society and in solving the problems of people.
Sankai further explains differences in Japan’s and Germany’s approach to technology and the future of a digitalized life.