Ph.D. Jun Murai on IoT in Japan and Europe and the ITAC

21. März 2017
Name: Ph.D. Jun Murai
Position: Dean and Professor, Keio University
Thema: IoT in Japan and Europe and the ITAC

In a joined initiative to facilitate IoT (Internet of Things) in Japan, the Japanese government, research institutions and industries formed the IoT Acceleration Consortium (ITAC)-Japan. According to Ph.D. Jun Murai, Dean and Professor at Keio University in Tokyo, IoT serves to connect industries and different ministries horizontally, as seen by the collaboration on this project between the Japanese Ministry of Telecommunication and the Japanese Ministry of Industry.

When asked why Japanese society might be opener to new experiences or new innovations, Murai argues that the relative isolation of Japan, compared to Germany inside the European continent and European Union, makes adapting newer policies easier and faster.

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