Percy Stocker (Ubimax) on non-disruptive Wearables

3. Januar 2017
Name: Percy Stocker
Position: COO and Co-Founder Ubimax
Thema: Innovating wearables with Ubimax

Nowadays, technology is not only used on traditional devices like computers, it is also worn.
IoT, the Internet of Things, is a huge topic for every bigger company to gather information, optimize their processes and help their employees to do their tasks safely and efficiently.
But how do humans fit into the field of IoT-wearables? How do we process all the information that is gathered and used all throughout our work?

Ubimax offers employees information for current tasks via hands-free wearables, so you won’t be hindered by the technology, but supported during your work.
Most of the solutions currently available on the market are disruptive and not optimized for the users, states Percy Stocker, COO and Co-Founder of Ubimax. His startup is the first company to not only think about better solutions, but to also realize them, he says.

According to Stocker, a third of the DAX30 companies are already customers of Ubimax. Logistic companies like DHL are their largest customers. But also automotive companies like Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen use Ubimax’s technology to improve the processes and the work for their employees.
The startup also has strong partnerships with large companies like SAP or Google for creating and innovating new IoT products and solutions.

Stocker’s plans for Ubimax’s future include not only expanding in Europe, but also in the US, and keeping up with the rapid growth of the IoT and artificial intelligence market.

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