Paul Jones on the 100.000 Genomes Project

22. November 2017
Name: Paul Jones
Position: Director for Population Genomics at Illumina
Thema: 100.000 Genomes Project

“We focused around cancer and rare disease. There was a 50/50 split on the program… 50.000 patients with cancer. 50.000 with rare diseases”

Paul Jones is responsible for the commercial agenda of the 100.000 genomes project: Developing new diagnostics and therapeutics for UKs citizens through uncovering the secrets of the human genome.
The project brought key players of industry, politics and research together, with the key goal of managing patient engagement in modern medicine. For the 100.000 patients the researchers had to develop a lot of data models, especially for rare diseases… Often the physician bringing the patient into the project had to propose these models. The data was, meanwhile, captured in a data center. Anyone with the right permission, could access it, but with a limitation. It was a reading but not a lending library. So the researchers and companies could only access the data and their analytics but not copy it.

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