Michaela Cato (SAP) on innovating companies

13. Februar 2017
Name: Michaela Cato
Position: Senior Innovation Expert EMEA, SAP Innovation Center Silicon Valley
Thema: Innovating Companies with the SAP Innovation Center Network

The SAP Innovation Center Network works closely together with the customers to determine room for improvement and how to harvest that potential. The goal is to simplify processes, make them more effective and make automation possible. An important role plays the data that the systems of the customer already provide. Machine learning is a way to gain insights into the data, explains Michaela Cato. Taking a peek into a possible future and planning accordingly can be results of that work.

It is important that SAP and the customer work together in the right pace, as it makes the collaboration more difficult when the customer can’t follow SAP’s work and implement results it in their daily work life.

More information about what trends companies should follow nowadays, in our interview.

“We help companies find and solve their own problems!”, says Cato. Everyone has some sort of insights into the digital world and it only needs to be used the right way, to improve a company’s success.

SAP Innovation Center Network

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