Kemal Levi (Relimetrics) on measuring processes and material reliability

11. Januar 2017
Name: Kemal Levi
Position: Founder and CEO Relimetrics
Thema: measuring processes and material reliability with Relimetrics

With increasing production numbers and complex manufaturing processes, how can companies efficiently monitor and analyze processes and machine parts?

Relimetrics is offering help via computer vision systems and machine learning software, which inspect and monitor said manufacturing processes.
Another big focus is the measurement of the material reliability.

As opposed to other computer vision systems on the market, Relimetrics has no need for appliying the specification of material. Relimetrics can track the nature of the materials and directly use it for the analysis, states Kemal Levi, Founder and CEO of Relimetrics.

Their innovative service can be used with mobile devices and provides real time data pieces. It is also possible to automate inspections using neural networks.
During the whole process, Relimetrics ensures that the results are reliable and easily understandable for non-engineers.

The startup is already very active in the automotive industry, helping the producers to improve  the construction process.
While also covering the IoT space with many solutions, the next step is to open up to the manufacturing industry, as Kemal Levi explains, to help measuring defects in manufacturing processes.

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