Johannes Reck about Entrepeneurship in the Digital Age

10. November 2017
Name: Johannes Reck
Position: Co-Founder and CEO at
Thema: Entrepeneurship in the Digital Age

The perspective on entrepreneurship has been changed: from being considered as a ‘risky venture’ towards an emerging trend, fostering disruptive companies worldwide. – But which role has the digitalisation of economy and communication played in this transformation?

Johannes Reck, founder of “GetYourGuide”, the worldwide biggest online booking platform for sightseeing, states to be proud of the strong dynamic towards entrepreneurship in Germany. First of all, financing and fundraising strategies greatly transformed as investors can investigate a company, its products and employees through the internet. Companies are able to use several communication channels to connect with potential user and investor base.

Eventhough “GetYourGuide” is nowadays considered as having ‘disrupted’ the travel industry by creating new attraction-based experiences, Mr. Reck states to have experienced setbacks rather than success as the most valuable parts in the companies building process: A valuable lesson he learned is that the process of recruiting and building a good team which shares common values, culture and vision of the market is vital to a companies success. Furthermore, entrepreneurs who are in the position to disrupt a very active market should be open and attentive to the customers behaviour: Some of the core parts of “GetYourGuide”s product portfolio, which lead to the coinage of an entire industry of “attracation-space”, were coined by the customers’ reaction to the product. As an advice to young founders, Mr. Reck empathizes the importance of “a strong vision and the work in a meaningful market that touches peoples lives and that people are willing to invest in”. Finally, the building of a very good founding team of skilled people which are driven by a common vision of a market and the willingness to transform the latter is essential.

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