Joel Dudley about Precision Wellness

9. November 2017
Name: Joel Dudley
Position: Director, Institute for Next Generation Healthcare
Thema: Precision wellness – the future of medicine

“Almost all of the research money and actual care dollars are spend on the treating disease and understanding disease. We spend almost no money on prevention.”

The Roots of precision medicine come from disease management: Especially cancer & tumor treatments. Over a long time researchers applied genetic information to learn more about these diseases. But that’s just the beginning. The next level is “precision wellness”. Joel Dudley is a lead researcher in this field – studying not only what makes people sick but what will make them sick in the future. And during the interview he names three main factors which drive this process: With increasing processor speed, humanity is getting at a point where the price for measuring our body’s genetic sequence is nearly free. Also sensor technologies advances. And AIs and deep learning are finally able to process these data and can give us something no money can buy – happiness & health.