Jochen Engert about Flixbus’ success story

18. Januar 2018
Name: Jochen Engert
Position: CEO Flixbus
Thema: Scaling Business at Flixbus

“When the [bus] market was deregulated in Germany this was our once-in-a-lifetime chance”


Jochen Engert, one of the co-founders of Flixbus, talks about how they welcomed the opportunity of the deregulated bus market in Germany to start a company that would become one of the biggest transportation companies in Europe. Operating in 26 countries, Flixbus deals with many different cultures and their specific idea of how a bus tour works, though in the end every customer looks for “a safe and convenient way to travel.”
He advices new founders to keep their head up no matter the failures: “Its still a big surprise for me, and for us and our team how successful the product became across all the different countries.”

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