Heini Utunen on the development of the WHO MOOC platform

12. Dezember 2017
Name: Heini Utunen
Position: Technical Officer, Knowledge Transfer for Outbreaks, WHO Emergency Program
Thema: Development of the WHO MOOC platform

Heini Utunen is in charge of OpenWHO which launched in June 2016. The WHO MOOC( Massive Open Online Courses) is based on the openHPI technology an the platform covers a wide range of topics e.g. pandemics and social sciences. At the moment the WHO department is in charge of 22 diseases. These existing resources can be retarget for specific outbreaks. Particularly in these areas, OpenWHO provides refreshers for people who are experts in their fields. Moreover, the platform informs people in the endangered areas directly in their language and circumvents the problem of weak bandwidth by providing all the contents in downloadable form: Also in development countries there are usually some points where people have a stable internet access.
Utunen names one recent success story: The plague outbreak in Madagaskar. Multi language material was published shortly after the outbreak. And the analytical data showed that the platform was one of the key factors in keeping the outbreak small.

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