Efe Kerem Sözeri on taking action in the political situation in Turkey

18. Mai 2017
Name: Efe Kerem Sözeri
Position: Independent journalist, The Hague
Thema: The political situation in Turkey and how people can take action

What does the political situation in Turkey look like at the moment?
We have all read about it in the news. In the european countries, western to Turkey, mostly negative headlines. But how is the situation experienced by the turkish people themselves?

Efe Kerem Sözeri is a turkish independent journalist who currently lives in exile in The Hague, Netherlands. While not having returned to his homecountry during the last three years, he still cares a lot about the situation in Turkey and the turkish people. But the referendum on the presidential system and its outcome have him worried on Turkey’s future: “It probably will turn into a dictatorship basically. That’s what Turkey’s heading to.”

The outcome of the election was almost half and half. While the pro-Erdogan side won, Sözeri explains that even they are not happy with this result. To form a new governmential system, a win with nearly only half of the votes does not give a big legitimacy.
Meanwhile the opposition which was against the presidential system is not only unhappy about their defeat, but also suspecting fraud in the vote. Apart from the unfair campagning and unequal time the “evet” and “hayir” (yes and no) sides had in media, ballots without official stamp had been accepted.
“Even the winning part doesn’t really think that they won and the loosing part think they won, but lost because of fraud in the vote.”, concludes Sözeri.

But what can the people in Turkey do? Openly expressing criticism and opposing to Erdogan’s plans has already gotten hundreds of journalists jailed and even more are living in exile. If they go back to Turkey “they will be persecuted”, states Sözeri.
While Erdogan’s government keeps the media under control that way, Sözeri still has hope in the “big silent mass” in Turkey, as he calls the many people in Turkey that are still believing in democracy. He hopes that when they are given the chance, they will vote accordingly.

But he also mentions: “If Turkey really goes all the way down and the votes are just facade […] Well then we rely on the people in other countries.”
When more and more people in other countries raise questions about Turkey, they put pressure on their own government to confront Turkey in this topic.
Sözeri calls on the people in other countries in Europe and all over the world to help the Turkish. According to him, Turky is in big trouble and should ask his neighbours for aid: “Yes we need help, turkish people need help.”

Interview with Efe Kerem Sözeri by dctpTV