Dr. Marie Moe on the vital security of pacemakers

23. März 2017
Name: Dr. Marie Moe
Position: Research Scientist and Associate Professor, SINTEF
Thema: The vulnerabilities and threats of smart pacemakers

When talking about IoT, we often think about the wearables or smart home.
But if we consider E-Health too, there are so many more instances of IoT already being present around us and in our bodies.

One example are pacemakers. Nowadays, even pacemakers are connected to the internet, getting updates and sending data for analysis. As security of accounts and private data is in everybody’s mind, why isn’t there more awareness to the possible vulnerabilities of connected pacemakers?

That’s what Dr. Marie Moe, Research Scientist and Associate Professor at SINTEF, tried to change by hacking her own pacemaker. Why taking such intrusive measurements? Because the software is proprietary and the customers have nearly no access to information on the security of the devices.

With her work, she hopes to make the society more sensible when thinking about the security of technology, especially regarding health-devices, and tries to show how important open security information is.

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