Dr. Burton H. Lee about the Differences in IT-Education

11. September 2017
Name: Dr. Burton H. Lee
Position: Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering Stanford University
Thema: Differences and and resulting Consequences in IT-Education
What is the difference between studying “Informatik” in Europe and “Computer Science” in the United States?
In his talk at HPI, Stanford Professor Dr. Burton H. Lee explains that in Europe and Germany in particular, theory and the application of theory are still taught separately, while the universities in the U.S. and in other countries the interconnectedness of the respective fields is taken into account from the very beginning. There, programming is a part of the education from the start. This way, Lee says, requirements of the industry can be matched a lot better and it is easier for students to implement their own ideas and solutions. He presents Design Thinking as a possible way to bring German “Informatik” closer to the consumer, emphasize the human impact and help to find new and interesting research question that provide new perspectives.
Dr. Burton H. Lee was invited by the U.S. Embassy to visit Berlin and surroundings.



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