Dr. Bernd Welz (SAP) on Disruption in Education and Companies

22. September 2016
Name: Dr. Bernd Welz
Position: Executive Vice President, Head of Scale, Enablement & Transformation SAP SE, Ed Innovator
Thema: Disruption in Education and Companies

Does disruption happen to everyone?

SAP has a next-gen program which is part of the university alliances where they bring all parties together. Big industry companies, start-ups, universities and the tech community can come together in next-gen labs. The background for this is that innovation today comes mainly from students and start-ups. As no company today can have every idea, collaboration is needed.

For everyone change is always a challenge. Traditional companies focused on just making their current business better with a linear improvement of services. When we come to innovation, it kills the old model. Today we talk about exponential enterprises which need to manage both, improving their standard business while also bringing up new stuff.

Dr. Bernd Welz among other things Head of Scale of SAP mentions a statics of the average age of the 500 biggest companies. 50 years ago the median age was 33 years. 30 years later it was 20 years. Today it will maybe about ten years.

But not just companies are disrupted, universities also have the problem of disruption. New generations are different from older generations, and universities have to be cautious they don’t get left behind. An example for this are MOOCs which have not replaced the current system as some people expected but have changed how lectures are structured. Some professors nowadays use a more blended approach by using MOOCs for preparation. Additionally, in many countries, students often do not finish their studies entirely but rather found a startup and come back later.

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