Daphne Zargar (GM) on the GM SDK

19. Oktober 2016
Name: Daphne Zargar
Position: Global Manager - Partner Relations, Application Ecosystem & Development - GCCX at General Motors
Thema: General Motors SDK

A native SDK for any GM car?

Daphne Zargar, Global Manager at General Motors, is responsible for Partner Relations and the Application Ecosystem & Development.

GM has just released a new SDK that allows any developer to program an app for GM vehicles. The SDK features an Emulator with which you can access 387 data points from the vehicle’s native platform (comparison: Apple Car or Android Auto have 6 data points). According to Zargar, this includes speed, location, temperature, barometric pressure and a lot of other sensors.

If you want to deploy your app you can mail it directly from the SDK to General Motors.

More of Daphne Zargar on LinkedIn

More information for developers on the SDK

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