Astrid Paramita Mochtarram (Twindly) on beauty and Big Data

18. Februar 2017
Name: Astrid Paramita Mochtarram
Position: Founder and CEO at Twindly
Thema: Big Data in the beauty industry

Big Data is a keyword no one can avoid in the context of economy and industries, but what possibilities does it offer in different fields?

The big opportunities of gathering patterns and new knowledge out of datasets and managing findings and decisions have now been connected with an perhaps unexpected field: beauty.

Astrid Mochtarram, founder of “Twindly”, wants to use the potential of Big Data to help people from all over the world with learning new things about their “beauty type”. This is achieved by analyzing input of the user regarding interests, looks and personality, to bring the people with the highest accordance together, so called “beauty twins”.

Mochtarram sees a high need to fill the missing link between IT and the beauty industry and tries too use the internet as a platform to offer individual and personality-based information and recommendations for beauty products. In this way, she hopes to provide more independency for the users from the industry.

In the context of founding a beauty-startup especially as a woman, Mochtarram faced different behaviour from skepticism to high expectations.
Nevertheless, platforms like “Twindly” offer an outlook in future opportunities regarding the usage of Big Data in scopes of application which until now are still isolated from the technological revolution.

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