Ann Rosenberg (SAP UA) on SAP University Alliances

13. September 2016
Name: Ann Rosenberg
Position: Vice President and Head of Global SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen Labs
Thema: SAP University Alliances

Why do the SAP University Alliances Network exist and what are the benefits?

The SAP University Alliances Network consists of 2900 universities in 100 countries. It helps to build the next generation of people into the SAP ecosystem while connecting them to the industry. As SAP has over 200.000 customers great thoughts from the campus can have a big impact on the economy.

For companies and universities, it is a win-win situation. Companies benefit from young people who know the trends of tomorrow and have a different understanding of technology than previous generations do. Moreover, universities are the best place to try things out and let young people demonstrate how the newest technologies can be incorporated. In contrast, students can solve real problems while having great opportunities for getting an internship or working directly in a company.

According to Ann Rosenberg the Vice President and Head of Global SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen Labs there are currently big initiatives to make this happen. SAP Next-Gen Labs are a good platform to bring universities and the industry together. In these labs everything is possible from ideation, building apps, big data applications to start-up seed ideas.

In New York, SAP opens up a next gen lab where everyone can come together. Start-Ups, the industry, and the tech community have the possibility to shape great ideas for the future.

Ann Rosenberg on Twitter

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