Andrea Piuatti (Skysense) on automating Drones

4. Januar 2017
Name: Andrea Piuatti
Position: CEO and Co-Founder Skysense
Thema: Automating Drones with Skysense

How can we use drones nowadays?

Apart from going out to fly a drone as a private hobby, many businesses need drones to gather their information in various places and situations.
These drones are deployed manually, people drive out to set them up and monitor or direct the flight.
This might be dangerous for the people in some risky situations or dangerous for the drones if they aren’t handled correctly.
It also adds a delay, as only after someone is there to set up for the drone, one may start to actually use it.

Skysense tries to make this process safer, quicker, cheaper and more convenient.
It takes out the humans needed for operating the drones and enables businesses to quickly use drones for their missions.

The user is provided with a drone station and a drone, which is connected to Skysense’s cloud system. The user can then send the drone on a predefined flight plan, where it flies autonomously, gathers data and saves it to the cloud system where it is accessible for the user for analyzing, monitoring and processing the data e.g. with Deep Learning Algorithms.

Current users of Skysense’s technologie are NASA, CIA and Google X, to only name a few.

For Andrea Piuatti, CEO and Co-Founder Skysense, it is a no-brainer:
Tomorrow, drones will fly autonomously. In the future, data will be analyzed automatically and people don’t need to revise the analyzed data.

Skysense helps with automating this data gathering and drone operating process.

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